About Your Care


We care about your care.  As the organizations that have a mandate to protect the public, your health regulatory colleges want you to be a better informed health care consumer.


Please check this section regularly for updates to our public education campaign.  You’ll find information on topics such as:


  • What are your rights as a health care consumer?
  • What is informed consent?
  • How do you access your medical records?
  • How can your personal health information be used?
  • What makes for the most productive fit with your health care provider?
  • How can you learn about the record of your health care provider?



Why Regulation Matters


The regulation of health professionals matters because it protects your right to quality health care services.


Together, Ontario’s 26 health regulatory colleges help to ensure excellence in care delivery.  The colleges have the responsibility and legal authority to protect you by:


  • Setting and enforcing standards and guidelines for the practise and conduct of their members.
  • Making sure that regulated health professionals meet their training and educational standards before they can practise or use a professional title.
  • Developing programs to help members continually improve their skills and knowledge, upholding the quality of care.
  • Acting when you have a concern about your health care.
  • The public has the confidence of knowing that only members of the colleges – regulated, highly trained health professionals – can use protected titles such as pharmacist, nurse, physician, massage therapist and dietitian.


Only these and other regulated health care professionals are accountable to a regulatory body for the quality of care they provide.


Unregulated care providers do not have the same mandatory mechanisms to ensure appropriate training, education, or standards.  While members of the public can bring concerns about a regulated care provider directly to their college, complaints about unregulated care providers can only be dealt with by their employer or through the courts.



Why Contact a College?


The first responsibility of each college is to you. By contacting a college, you can:


  • Learn if a health care professional is registered with a college.
  • Obtain information about our standards.
  • Find a health care professional.
  • Convey questions/concerns about the care you’ve received.
  • Register a complaint.
  • Learn about disciplinary decisions.
  • Learn more about the profession.



To ensure that you are consulting with a regulated health professional, check that they belong to one of the regulated health professions.





The Federation and its members share a commitment with Ontario's Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to transparency in the regulated healthcare system. The Federation's Past President, Marshall Moleschi, wrote to Minister Eric Hoskins on November 28, 2014 to share some of the ways the Federation has supported work on transparency.



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